Annual Luncheon Meeting 2021.

We all have gone through difficult times with the worldwide Corona Pandemics and now with the various vaccination campaigns we slightly see the end of the tunnel. As of this month, the Swiss Federal Council has lifted restrictions for Restaurants and gatherings of up to 100 people are now again possible. This encouraging news allows us to announce the date of the Hong Kong Treff Luncheon for this year. Like in previous years, we hope to offer tasty Chinese Food Dai Pai Dong (大排檔) style.

The General Manager, Mr. Jochen Renz of the Hotel Courtyard and our excellent Hong Kong Chef, Mr. Kwok Kei NG have been helpful to find the following date:

Saturday, September 25th, 2021 at 11:30 a.m.
Hotel Courtyard by Marriot, Max-Bill-Platz 19, 8050 Zurich-Oerlikon

Please register before September 15th 2021 by clicking the link below.

Find the "+" and enter your first and family name, for every participant one entry. Please link-up to Doodle even if you are unable to attend. Just enter your name and click "Send", leave the poll and the indication will appear in red for "No".

Chinese New Year of the Ox.

Feng Shui Master Raymond Lo regularly informs the Swiss Community in Hong Kong of what can be expected in the forthcoming Chinese New Year and here are his thoughts:

In the Hsia calendar, the Ox is the second of the 12 zodiac or celestial animals. The Ox is an Earth Element belonging to the winter season. Inside the Ox sign, it contains three hidden Elements: Earth, Metal, and Water. Hence, there is a total absence of Fire to support Earth. This is why, we say the Ox is the weakest Earth Element.

Whenever the Earth Element is out of balance (too weak or too strong), it triggers earth-related disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, and volcanic eruptions. Yin Metal is deceiving because though they may appear gentle, moderate, graceful, and sophisticated on the outside like a diamond, beware of the strong character inside, like a dangerous and destructive dagger. There’s a saying: “Beautiful on the outside but harsh on the inside.” This is why Yin Metal people can exhibit harsh and drastic behaviors with a tendency to take extreme actions to achieve their goals.

Hong Kong's Dai Pai Dong Hawker Stalls – A Dying Breed.

Known for churning out delicious local dishes at great speed and rock-bottom prices, Dai Pai Dong have always been popular with Hongkongers.

Over the last few decades, the government has been phasing them out due to concerns for hygiene and traffic congestion.

Watch some scenes about Dai Pai Dong in Hong Kong and find out why you should visit them as soon as possible.