Annual Luncheon Meeting 2019.

Excellent Cantonese Style Dai Pai Dong Food and drinks, including Apéro, Appetizer, Asian Buffet, Desserts, Coffee and Tea.

Saturday, June 22nd at 11:30 a.m.
Hotel Renaissance Tower, Zürich

Only CHF 88.– per person with a surcharge for wine lovers. Children up to 8 years are free of charge and up to 16 years will be charged half-price.

See you again at the Hong Kong-Treff 2019!

Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig.

These Pigs are social butterflies with friends from all walks of life. They have a lot of support in both work and life. They have fortunate lives and can find happiness. They are successful later in life. However, they aren’t the most romantic people and might need to work on that.

Feng Shui Master Raymond Lo regularly informs the Swiss Community in Hong Kong of what can be expected in the forthcoming Chinese New Year.

Hong Kong's Dai Pai Dong Hawker Stalls – A Dying Breed.

Known for churning out delicious local dishes at great speed and rock-bottom prices, Dai Pai Dong have always been popular with Hongkongers.

Over the last few decades, the government has been phasing them out due to concerns for hygiene and traffic congestion.

Watch some scenes about Dai Pai Dong in Hong Kong and find out why you should visit them as soon as possible.