Annual Luncheon Meeting 2020.

Excellent Cantonese Style "Dai Pai Dong" exclusively prepared by Hong Kong Chef Kwok Kei NG. He will prepare for us Apero, Appetizer, Asian Buffet, Dessert, Coffee and Tea.

Saturday, September 26th, 2020
at 11:30 a.m.
Hotel Courtyard by Marriot, Max-Bill-Platz 19, Zurich-Oerlikon

Only CHF 88.– per person with a surcharge for wine lovers. Children up to 8 years are free of charge and up to 16 years will be charged half-price.

After a difficult period, it will be even more important to meeting longtime friends and families again. Wishing you healthy days and weeks ahead and I am looking forward to seeing you in September.

Chinese New Year of the Rat.

The Chinese New Year of the Rat with some interesting predictions:

Loneliness will improve and there will be more understanding for couples. For singles, unexpected encounters could come their ways. Furthermore, adequate rest and proper diet are also important. Make only purchases that are absolutely necessary and resist the temptation for overspending.

Feng Shui Master Raymond Lo regularly informs the Swiss Community in Hong Kong of what can be expected in the forthcoming Chinese New Year and here are his thoughts:

In the Hsia calendar, 2020 is symbolized by two Chinese characters: Yang Metal and Rat. Yang Metal is the Heavenly Stem (character on the top) and the Rat is the Earthly Branch (character on the bottom). The Rat is also a Water Element. In the Five Element cycle, Metal births Water. Because the Heavenly Stem (Metal) supports the Earthly Branch (Water), you can say that this combination represents a more harmonious relationship. Therefore, you might expect 2020 to be a more peaceful year.

Hong Kong's Dai Pai Dong Hawker Stalls – A Dying Breed.

Known for churning out delicious local dishes at great speed and rock-bottom prices, Dai Pai Dong have always been popular with Hongkongers.

Over the last few decades, the government has been phasing them out due to concerns for hygiene and traffic congestion.

Watch some scenes about Dai Pai Dong in Hong Kong and find out why you should visit them as soon as possible.