It all started at the ”Splügenschloss-Bar” in spring 1977! That’s when the Ex-Hongkonger Benno Welschen, Vreni Kreis and Ruth Meng met senior bachelor Albert Hausammann and other Swiss watch company representatives from Hong Kong who attended the yearly ”Uhren- und Schmuckmesse” in Basel for a long chat and late drink in Zurich: The „Hongkong-Treff“ was born!

A few years later, a dinner was organized at the „Splügenschloss Hotel“ and more and more former expatriates – living in Switzerland now – joined that cosy gathering of a bunch of 10 to 20 people.

But the list of expatriate addresses became bigger and bigger.  In 1987, the organisation of this ”Yearly Meeting” was handed over to Kurt Huber and René Carrel who expanded the dinner with occational events during the year: Chinese dinners and family gatherings on Sunday afternoon.which were managed by an ex-Hongkonger.

Kurt Huber continued to organize the yearly HK-Treff together with Benno Welschen until 2007 when Kurt emigrated to Spain.

With the „Splügenschloss“ becoming too small for 70 – 80 people and GM Benno Welschen giving up the management of this cosy business hotel a few years later, the „Hongkong-Treff“ moved after 14 years to other places in Zurich and Bern which were managed by an ex-Hongkonger. Here a list of our various locations where we met over the past 25 years:

Here a list of our various locations....over the last 30 years:

Year:            Hotel/Restaurant:_          Manager: 

1977-1991   Splügenschloss                 Benno Welschen
1992             International                     Hans Hauri
1993-1996    Nova Park                      Thomas Weilenmann
1997             Renaissance Glattburg      Rolf Schrägle
1998             Innere Enge, Bern            Marianne Gauer-Zurbrügg
2001             Au Premier,
                     Bahnhofbuffet ZH            Hans Zäch, Kü-Chef
2002-2006   Hotel Storchen                 Jean-Philippe Jaussi
2007- 2009  Hotel Storchen                 Jörg Arnold       
2010-           Hotel Marriott                  Eugène Corray, Benno Welschen
2011            Winterthur                        China Restaurant Blume
2012            Hotel Renaissance             Roland Ulmer, General Manager
2013            Hotel Renaissance             HK Chef Kwok Kei NG
2014            Hotel Renaissance             HK Chef Kwok Kei NG
2015            Hotel Mariott, Pratteln       HK Chef Kwok Kei NG
2016            Restaurant Cityport ZVF   Chefs Fritz Tschantre/Tommy Cheng

In the meantime, our List of Addresses has grown to over 260, meaning that ca. 350 former expatriates with wifes and kids and ca. 50 single ex-Hongkongers are aware of our „Yearly Meeting“; however,  quite a substantial number of ex-Hongkongers are back in Switzerland these days without kowing our „Hongkong-Treff“, most probably. Your mouth-to-mouth propaganda as well as this „Homepage“ should give them the opportunity to contact us
-> Feedback  and be with us for future meetings!

The Bar at the Storchen remains the frequent meeting place on Fridays for an Apéro among Ex-Hongkongers and visitors.

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